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Solveiga Gutautė

I am Solveiga Gutaute, an artist from Lithuania. I graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2010 with an MA in Ceramics. During my studies, I focused on creating artwork based on social issues. I was interested in the surrounding world, social contexts, and the new generation; topics which culminated in the final project of my MA studies – a collection of porcelain bibs named “Consumer Generation”. This project was the embodiment of a recent trend where parents purchase expensive baby items to impress their neighbours and feel better about themselves, rather than for the benefit of their babies. Frequently, my sculptures, collages, and performances have been responses to global current affairs. For example, I have explored my role as a woman through the medium of collage. Meanwhile, my “(Un) Washed Laundry)” performance in 2013 was a comment on the idea of the human body as an advertising space – I suggested that, to better reflect their state of mind, people should write a personal verse or two on themselves instead of wearing famous brands. My last solo exhibition before the coronavirus lockdown was called “Laboratory of Fears”, in which I explored human fears through forty (a number selected as it is close to my age) infantile bunnies made of stoneware in various positions that conveyed a number of anxieties. This piece drew a parallel between how we care for vulnerable bunnies and the way in which we nurture our fears and refuse to let them go. Ultimately, my creativity is based on contemporary social issues, focused on the events in and around me

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