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Tomas Andrijauskas

I’ve studied photography and video art at Vilnius Academy of Arts. I live in Šiauliai. With a video or photo camera, I’m constantly capturing my immediate environment, in order to convey the accelerating pace of life, the change of feelings, the interaction between outer and inner states. I follow the same path not only in art but also in life, where my everyday actions become a part of my artistic practice. I value experimentation and coincidence, therefore I prefer old-school photo and video equipment. Recently, I’ve started working by scattering chemicals on photo paper, using specially prepared mixtures to physically damage it, creating abstract graphic images in the process, that are then turned into video loops such as "DUST". I want to immerse myself in subconscious states / moods / flows with the help of abstractions, where the sound becomes the most important part of the piece.


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