Gruodžio 1-14 d. Islandija, „Sim“ rezidencija

Projekto dalyviai | Project participants from Lithuania

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Julija Pociūtė is a contemporary Lithuanian artist known for her mixed media installations based on interaction between video art, sculpture, design elements and photography...

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I am Solveiga Gutaute, an artist from Lithuania. I graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2010 with an MA in Ceramics...

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Marija Griniuk has a background in visual arts, performance art, performance pedagogy, and landscape management. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the University of Lapland in Finland...


Justas Kažys was born and still resides in Vilnius. For working he combines teaching and researching in Institute of Geosciences, Vilnius University...

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Artist finalized her BA and MA studies in the Vilnius Academy of arts, Printmaking department. During these studies, spent one year in France, the School of Fine arts in Metz...

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With a video or photo camera, I’m constantly capturing my immediate environment, in order to convey the accelerating pace of life, the change of feelings, the interaction between outer and inner states...

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Andrius Grigalaitis - artist with an education in the Audiovisual Arts and Creative Industries. I work in the fields of communication, photography and video art...

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Evelina Januškaitė

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Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė

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