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The art gallery “ARKA” – one of four LAA galleries located in Vilnius. “ARKA” gallery was founded in 1990, in the capital’s old town, 16th century architectural ensemble of the former Basilian Monastery. It is one of the largest galleries in Vilnius, the six exposition halls make up about 500m² of exposition space.

The gallery hosts various personal, group, themed, and overview expositions. “ARKA” gallery collaborates with artists, galleries, museums, and cultural institutions from Lithuania and abroad. Many creative evenings, publication presentations, and concerts are hosted here.

Gates of Dawn St. 7, LT – 01304, Vilnius
Phone: 8 5 212 13 19

+370 671 90710



„Dailininkų sąjungos galerija“ is the oldest operating gallery in Lithuania, presenting works of Lithuanian and foreign artists to the public since 1960. The gallery operates in two exhibitional spaces in the center of Vilnius – “Dailininkų sąjungos galerija” (Vokiečių St. 2) and “Pamėnkalnis” gallery (Pamėnkalio St. 1). Per year, over 30 solo, group, local and international exhibitions are organized and presented in these spaces. The gallery organizes events in other public spaces in Lithuania as well, arranges art auctions, participates in art fairs, publishes books, catalogs, albums, and trades in professional works of art.


Vokiečių St. 2, LT – 01130 Vilnius
Phone: (8-5) 261 9516




“Pamėnkalnis” gallery is one of the earliest non-state galleries in Lithuania, founded by the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, and operating in Vilnius since 1960. Located at a busy intersection in the center of the capital, “Pamėnkalnis” gallery is an open space where ideas, concepts artists and art lovers meet. The gallery strives to actively operate in the fields of modern and contemporary art, represent the interests of professional artists, curators and the public, and to stimulate artistic creativity and its dispersion in Lithuania and abroad.


Pamėnkalnio St. 1/13, LT – 01116 Vilnius
Phone/Fax: (8-5) 262 4552



The first experimental graphics studio-workshop was founded in 1985, Grybo St. 32. In this workshop, many classics of Lithuanian graphics implemented their creative ideas. At that time, it was the only workshop in Lithuania where artists could create lithographs with the help of professional craftsmen of graphic techniques. Over time, the base of the first experimental graphics studio-workshop expanded.

The LAA graphics section actively took the initiative to create a modern, multifunctional graphic art center. On the initiative of LDS managers and chairpersons of the graphics department, G. Šlektavičius, N. Šaltenytė, R. Vėliuvienė, K. Grigaliūnas, the building on Latako St. 3 in Vilnius was renovated and in 2000 named the Vilnius Graphic Art Centre.

Latako St. 3, LT-01125 Vilnius 
Phone/Fax: 8 5 261 19 95

kaire desine.jpg
jono galerija.jpg


The gallery is in the old town of Vilnius in a 16th century building, the residence of the Grand Duke Radvila “the Black” of Lithuania. The gallery has six exhibition halls, which make up an area of 185m² altogether. The gallery organizes sculpture, painting, applied arts, photography, professional art exhibitions, and evening presentations. The "Bronzos liedinimo simpoziumas", international and national ex-libris and medal exhibitions continue.

The gallery cooperates with Vilnius Academy of Arts, exchange projects are executed, during which the work of Vilnius sculptors is presented abroad.

St. John's St. 11, LT-01123 Vilnius



Since 1997, LAA Gallery "Meno parkas" has been carrying out art and culture exchange projects and organizing contemporary art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Every year, about 20 personal and group art exhibitions take place in the gallery, in which participate not only representatives of all traditional branches of fine art, but also authors leaning towards more modern art forms.

The gallery partakes in publishing activities, it publishes art exhibition catalogs, personnel catalogs and albums, exhibition posters, leaflets, and advertising booklets. The gallery holds a library/reading room of art publication, and a sales showroom of works of art can also be found next to the gallery.

Rotušės square 27, LT-44279 Kaunas
Phone: +370 698 74301

meno parkas.jpg


The gallery is located in a cozy half-timbered 18th century building, which holds four exhibition halls with a total area of ​​147m².

"Klaipėdos Galerija" promotes the dispersion of professional art, organizes exhibitions of professional artists, implements and creates artistic projects within the gallery, as well as other exhibition spaces in Lithuania and abroad.

The gallery introduces works of art of various genres: painting, sculpture, and graphics. Personal and group exhibitions helped form a coherent exhibition complex, based on the changes between fine and applied art. The nature and format of the exhibited works is determined by the specific space.

Bažnyčių St. 6, LT-91246, Klaipėda

Phone: +370 626 619 87 (adviser)
Mobile phone: +370 675 85 502 (chairwoman)


In 1993, under the chairmanship of the sculptor Juozas Lebednykas, the LAA Panevėžys branch gallery "Galerija XX" was founded with an area of ​​82.5m². The name is symbolic - the twentieth century + twenty members of the union. "Galerija XX" is located in the very center of the city of Panevėžys - Freedom Square. The chamber environment of the gallery conditions the nature of small, mostly personal exhibitions.

"Galerija XX" presents the works of contemporary Lithuanian and foreign authors, organizes joint exhibitions with other galleries of the city of Panevėžys, organizes international Plein Airs, engages in educational activities and represents the city of Panevėžys in cultural projects both in Lithuania and abroad. Every year in July the gallery organizes international Plein Air exhibitions of painters, publishes exhibition catalogs and leaflets.

Laisvės square 7, LT-5300 Panevėžys
Phone: 8-45-586830

Galerija Drobe, baltas fonas-01.jpg


The LAA Kaunas branch contemporary art gallery "Drobė" was opened in 2022.

The gallery invites Lithuanian and foreign creators, and professional Lithuanian artists.

Drobės St. 62 45181 Kaunas



The joint LAA and Šiauliai Artists' Organization gallery "S_IN", which has been operating since 2019 in the center of Šiauliai, on Aušra alley, promotes the dissemination of professional art, presents the work of contemporary, especially young authors, organizes joint exhibitions with other galleries, initiates conceptual art projects, publishes catalogs, posters, and leaflets. The quantity and format of the exhibited works is determined by the fifty square meter chamber space, which is particularly attractive for experimental author exhibitions. In the "S_IN" gallery space, either in groups or solo, artists create unique works that provoke discussions. The duration of the exhibitions is determined by the specific project and the artist's ability to tame the gallery space.The activities of "S_IN" are presented in social networks (see ‘more’), and in annual review publications.

Aušros avenue 41, LT-76300 Šiauliai
Phone: +370 652 4488

Galerija Sin, baltas fonas-01.jpg
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