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Eva Z. Schmitt | Germany


Eva Z. Schmitt is a Berlin based multiartist with a focus on printmaking and textiles. She enjoys traveling and loves the freeling of newness.

With a critical analytical eye and a love for detail, her work includes observations of social and environmental change. Her background in psychology, public health and systemic therapy influences her work. Her work incorporates observations on how individuals and their environment influence each other. Active for many years in an environmental organization (Grüne Liga Berlin), the title of the artist residency in Palanga particularly appealed to her, as did the intended combination of art and science. During her one-month residency in Palanga, she focuses  on"beach finds, then-today and tomorrow?'" departing from Ernst Haeckel's marine biological morphology. Her technique will be cyanotype printing, partly on her own lithographs and in combination with drawing and textile elements.

In addition to residencies in many European countries, she has exhibited in Venice, Sofia and Berlin, among other places, and has a work in an art collection of a Finnish museum.


Eva Z. Schmitt, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Printmaking, Visual Arts:

instagram: @arteva_2013

instagram: @garn_glas_glanz




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