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Javier García Sánchez | USA

1. Introduction

Why do we see the world the way we see it? What happens when we release preconceived notions? How do our perspectives change, how do our choices shift?

Javier is an artist and educator bridging age-old wisdom with the contemporary world. His artistic expression spans figure drawing, calligraphic abstractions, and analog photography, drawing attention to the delicate yet boundless essence of the present. He studied Art & Design in Central Saint Martins, and has lived in many countries to inspire his practice. His work has been commissioned by The New Yorker, Creative Time, and Harper’s Bazaar, and is part of the British Library's collection. He has also collaborated with Japanese label And A and one of the largest Spanish nonprofits. His work is featured in print and online publications.

2. Portfolio

3. Project idea

The series of artworks Javier is working on during the residency, created using sumi ink, watercolors, and charcoal on washi paper, delves into the theme of inner beauty amidst imperfection and impermanence. Inspired by forest walks, the paintings liken the weathered textures of bark to the marks of life's journey. They embrace asymmetry and organic forms, symbolizing the untamed essence of nature and the accumulation of personal experiences. Through cracks and layers, the artworks encourage introspection, inviting viewers to see beyond surface appearances and find beauty in vulnerability. Dark clouds in the paintings signify not despair but the potential for hope and positivity. Ultimately, the project celebrates the complexity and resilience of the human experience, affirming the inherent beauty within each individual.

4. Photos


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