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Ou-Yang, Tsu | Taiwan

Ou-Yang, Tsu was born and currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. The development of her work is a  reflective journal embodying her individuation process. Seeking the essence of life has been at the  core of her philosophy, and finding the true self is her long-term project. Her artistic practice is  experimenting with various art forms and materials to sharpen self-awareness as an excellent  catalyst for her transformation in many aspects. Specifically, 'book arts', 'printmaking' and  'photography' have been the crucial parts of her aesthetic approaches. She creates works of art,  and her creations complete her as if by magic. Her works have been selected for various  exhibitions, including 'EARTH SPEAK: Giving Voice to Paper, International Biennial for Paper Fibre  Art' (2023/24, Taiwan), 'TEN: the Turn the Page Artists Book Fair 10th Anniversary Book  Competition' (2022, UK), 'The 3rd Ulsan Asian Prints Exhibition' (2021, Korea), 'Taiwanese Artists'  Books: Materials and Interfaces' (2020, Taiwan), 'The Deployment of Pages: the Possibility of  (beyond) a Book as Art Practice' (2019, Taiwan) and so on. 

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Artist Statement 

Transforming natural features of the ocean scenery into art forms, Tsu’s serial work represents the ripple effect of consciousness, which inconceivably leads to phenomenal waves among everything interconnected within the multidimensional universe. Being printed and dyed on diverse reticulated fibers, emotive energy flows through pages. Individual consciousness emerges from the void, like a floating bubble originating from the vast ocean of consciousness. Every individualized self is a unique expression of the total universe. Each initial thought rises, produces effects broadening further impacts, and then returns to the whole realm of nature.

The united consciousness is inclusive; all living creatures and the Universe are closely related. If most people can identify 'the ecological self' with coexistence based on mutualism, an inclusive worldview full of interactive dynamics may derive from that. Once human beings realize they are Nature itself and part of it, the outside world will harmoniously synchronize with the world within and be as one. This is the core of the philosophy that consistently reflects on Tsu’s art projects.

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